MSKTD BUILD, LLC is responsible for all aspects of project coordination, including initial site analysis, design, bidding and permitting, construction administration and closeout documentation.

By implementing a 5-point approach to project management, we strive to provide the best possible service to our Clients:

  • Scope Management – Develop a clear understanding of all the work that must be performed to complete each phase of the project.  Includes design, bidding, and management of the construction of each new facility.
  • Time Management – Ensure on-time completion of the overall project to meet Client’s required schedule.  Develop and maintain a detailed project schedule.  Identify and expedite critical activities to minimize or eliminate delays.
  • Cost Management – Develop a project budget and provide monitoring of actual costs vs. the itemized project budget.  Identify and quantify all changes to the original project budget, and ensure that those changes are properly authorized and thoroughly documented.
  • Leadership Management – Identify management overlap and streamline operations for maximum efficiency.  Conduct regularly-scheduled project meetings and focus on providing project awareness and motivation to all involved.  Provide on-site project management throughout the construction process to efficiently identify and resolve issues as they arise.
  • Risk Management – Implement a proactive approach to identify and expedite critical timing and cost issues.

Should a previous relationship exist with a designer, supplier, or sub-contractor, a design-build contract with MSKTD BUILD, LLC provides the flexibility to partner with those entities to the benefit of the Client and overall project.